AltaScribe Medical Transcription Software

As a medical transcription company, we at Alpha Transcription make it a point to be familiar with all the leading medical transcription software available on the market. In our experience, the only program that satisfies our standards for performance, speed, accessibility, security, and customization is the suite offered by AltaScribe.

What sets AltaScribe apart from similar medical transcription software is its intuitive design. Its seamless integration with your existing EHR (electronic health record) system allows for broader access to patients’ medical information than what you could achieve through your EHR alone. AltaScribe grants medical personnel full control of their patients’ information so they can file, display, edit, share, prioritize, and print as needed.

AltaScribe Benefits

Efficient Dictation

  • Full-range access to records 7 days a week, 24 hours a day
  • Seamless integration with your existing EHR system
  • Compatible with multiple forms of recording and dictation devices
  • Dictation play-back
  • Real-time access to documents, even during creation or review
  • Immediate printing and faxing of a completed file

Maintain File to Your Specifications

  • Easily prioritize work
  • Files are immediately accessible upon their creation—you can preview, edit, save, and print at any time.
  • Design editable templates
  • Features built-in medical spell-check and word expanders
  • Build and manage folders and sub-folders
  • Secure file storage and sharing

Full-Scale File Interaction

  • Real-time updates and alerts
  • Easy communication with medical staff
  • Internal address book of medical personnel allows for easy forwards and patient collaborations
  • Establishment of E-Signature
  • Multiple users are able to access and edit the same file at once
  • You can access the platform at multiple different facilities

This medical transcription software has made a significant impact on the daily process of medical facilities across every specialty. To find out more about how AltaScribe can help increase the efficiency of your facility, please contact us at (309) 267-0246. Tell us the type of relief you need, and our team will be happy to design an AltaScribe strategy that directly accommodates those requests.