Every medical professional knows how truly important the medical transcription process is. Establishing a reliable system for converting recorded notes into easily accessible digital files can make all the difference in ensuring responsive and effective care.

It’s common for medical care teams to feel apprehensive toward the medical transcription process. Hiring an internal transcription team is one option, but it gets costly and is far from foolproof. Even if you happen to locate a qualified transcriptionist that can understand medical terminology, it doesn’t mean they understand your facility or how it operates. All it takes is one jam-packed day for an internal team to get overwhelmed, fall behind, make errors, or overlook a file entirely.

If your medical team finds that they spend too much time coordinating with other departments and too little time in front of their patients, Alpha Transcription can help. As a professional medical transcription outsourcing solution, we provide relief for facilities on a variety of fronts, so they can establish more productive workday strategies.

Increased Efficiency

When a medical staff has to dedicate time to transcribing, filing, uploading, and locating medical information they are not utilized to their fullest extent. The time spent tracking down patient information can result in further complications—from backed-up or dropped appointments to compromising the quality of patient care. Medical transcription outsourcing relieves a facility of this process and frees up time for medical professionals to meet with patients and ensure they receive the quality care they deserve.


Every medical facility operates differently, and a unique transcription process can accommodate these differences. If factors such as facility size, specialty, and technology go overlooked, it leads to wasted resources. Alpha transcription offers medical transcription outsourcing that addresses these needs right from the very beginning.  While an internal team may receive hourly pay, our team only charges by transcription. This means that smaller facilities can make the most of their resources. We are also able to integrate our solutions within the technology you already use, avoiding large-scale changes and confusion. When you update your practices, we’ll be right there to redesign a solution that can keep up.


If your internal transcriptionists aren’t attentive and well versed in every field your facility practices it can lead to catastrophic mistakes and oversights. At Alpha Transcription, we know that there is no such thing as a “little mistake” in the medical field. That’s why we ensure all of our certified transcriptionists receive proper training in order to prevent future issues.

Clients can access our transcriptions in real-time and can view them throughout every step of the process. Even when we finish the transcription, your medical team has the ability to edit, make changes, and update details to ensure the report is accurate. Whatever the field, our medical transcription outsourcing service will give your facility peace-of-mind in knowing that we properly record, comprehend, and organize your records.

To learn more about the benefits of our medical transcription outsourcing, please contact us at (309) 267-0246.